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SAP error Landscape Directory

SAP error Landscape Directory

Solution 1 :

  • I have restarted ” Sap Business One SLD Services in Services” in services.
  • And started SAP B1 Service manager –> License Manager –> Configuration security–> after click it will open the Landscape Directory web page –> provide B1siteuser ID and Password.
  • Open the web page and select the server and data base.
  • Now again Open the Database. it will work .


Hi all,

this sometimes happen if your pc crashes while B1 is running on a PC.

Easiest way to deal with it is to:

– make sure B1 is closed

– go into the c:\users\{user name with problems}\AppData\Local

– rename SAP map to SAPxx

– start B1 .

This will recreate SAP map with the correct configuration files in it and connect your client to server.

Great solution.

Solution 3: Works for me!

I tried the next solution and works fine!

In the next route find the SAP folder and rename

C:\Users\(your user)\Local Settings\Application Data

run again the SAP client


Fail to Connect System Landscape Directory(SLD).Contact your system administrator | SAP Community

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